Living with Covid-19

The Wellbeing Circle are delighted to bring you our first ever blog! The Wellbeing Circle has been set up to offer access to a range of health and wellbeing services to the general public, corporate and vulnerable groups. Check out the rest of the website for details about the courses, workshops, products and online support that we offer.

Our first blog is going to talk about the very relevant and life changing effects that Covid-19 has had on our physical and mental health.

All of our lives have been changed dramatically in the last few months due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Physically; we have had to stay indoors, not visit our friends and loved ones, our kids are off school, we are trying to work from home whilst home schooling and keeping on top of the vast amount of housework that this has produced.

Mentally; it’s been hard, like really hard. It’s lonely, we haven’t been able to meet with family, we haven’t been able to head to the pub on a Friday and have a glass of wine with our friends. We haven’t been able to go to work or have struggled to work from home with the kids demanding your attention or asking a million questions about their schoolwork that you are really struggling to answer! It’s a lot, and we are pretty sure no one has ever experienced anything quite like it before.

Financially; many of us have been made redundant, are on furlough or are still trying to run their own business but sales have plummeted (or maybe stopped altogether) and financial worries are becoming a reality.

“People living with financial hardships are at an increased risk of mental health problems and lower mental wellbeing”, (2020).

Our Mental State in Lockdown
Covid-19 has led to an increase in anxiety and depression in UK adults experiencing isolation and that 41% (1 in 2) in the UK report having felt down, depressed, or hopeless about the future at some point during the crisis. That’s a pretty huge amount of people experiencing these feelings. Also, being unable to do the things they usually do to help themselves feel better or be able to cope is increasing these negative feelings.

There is likely going to be an increase in mental ill health in the UK due to both the illness itself and the measures (lockdown, social distancing, business shutdown, etc) put in place to protect the public from the virus. For those who have lost members of their family or friends and have endured the restrictions imposed by lockdown are likely to experience more complicated grief reactions too (Centre for Mental Health, 2020).

The financial impacts of the virus measures due to job losses and lack of business is likely to have a negative impact on mental health too. “If the economic impact is similar to the 2008 recession, then we could expect 500,000 additional people experiencing mental health problems, with depression being most common” said the Centre for Mental Health (May 2020) which is another pandemic to deal with.

The Impact
We think it’s fair to say that Covid-19 is having a major impact on our lives and will do for the foreseeable future, it is and is going to be difficult. What can we do to help improve our lives in this difficult time? What elements can we add to (or take away from) our lives to improve our mental wellbeing?

We believe that introducing simple things to your life can have a huge impact. Here are 5 simple elements that you can add to your life that will make you feel positive and more in control:

1. Take a 30 minute walk every day.
2. Do mindfulness exercises and breathing.
3. Do yoga once a week.
4. Drink plenty of water.
5. Write down what you are thankful for daily.

These simple steps can help you to feel better and more in control of your life at the moment and in the future.

How can The Wellbeing Circle help?
Our aim is to provide you with complementary and alternative therapies and access to holistic exercises which are designed to help maintain and enhance physical and mental wellbeing, improving self-esteem and confidence. Using our therapies and exercises it will help you combat the negative feelings from this extremely stressful time and put you on the road to recovery and/or give you the tools to manage it.

You can check out the rest of our website for further details about what we offer but we have online workshops (including yoga and meditation) and check out our awesome care packages, they are a monthly treat that will optimise your mental health.

Well being for every body.

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