As yoga becomes more and more popular all over Britain, with trendy studios popping up all over the place, there’s no denying that people from all over are discovering the many benefits of a regular practice. Here at The Wellbeing Circle we feel strongly that yoga should be accessible to all, and so we’ve made it our mission to bring this gift to vulnerable groups in the Forth Valley area. 


Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing. The main components of yoga are postures (a series of movements designed to increase strength and flexibility) and breathing. It’s different from other forms of exercise class as it connects the movement of the body and the fluctuations of the mind to the rhythm of our breath, allowing us bring balance to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

our yoga sessions

If you’ve never done yoga before, the idea of coming to class can be quite daunting but there’s no need to be concerned. The classes are really friendly and lots students arrive on their own and make new friends.


If you’re feeling a bit nervous, it can help to know what to expect when you get there – there’s some information below to get you started, but feel free to drop us an email or give us a call. We’re always happy to help.


At the beginning of the class we spend a few minutes checking in and calming down, persuading your mind to move away from your ‘to do’ list, maybe begin to slow down and settle a little more, and consciously bring your mind to focus on your practice instead. In some classes this is sitting on the floor, in others it’ll be lying down.


These are stretches, releases and strengthening called asana – in different positions -lying down, sitting or standing – to gently release tension, increase flexibility, improve balance and build strength. They can be tailored to suit your body and your needs. Most importantly, you don’t have to be very flexible to start a yoga practice, if you need a chair for comfort that’s totally fine too.


Most of the time we only use a small amount of our lung’s potential and stress compels the body to breathe high and fast. Breathing techniques in yoga called ‘pranayama’ are designed to improve your breathing. Your breath is also intertwined with your mind, making it a perfect way to release mental as well as physical tension.


Relaxing at the end of class allows the body and mind to absorb the benefits of yoga and to help to refresh mind and body by resting completely. Like any skill, it improves with practice. I use simple techniques to help you to relax and many students are surprised to find how deeply they relax.


We take time at the end to ‘come back down to earth’ so you’re safe for your journey home again. In our community yoga classes you are welcome to stay for a warm cup of herbal tea if you fancy it too!

Not at all. Yoga is all about ‘starting where you are now’. The Wellbeing Circle Yoga classes are about tailoring the practice to your own needs and ability. This is the perfect class for beginners or those looking for a gentler practice.
It’s important to be comfortable so you can relax and stretch into each movement, and also have space to breathe deeply and comfortably. No need to buy something special, loose comfortable clothing is perfect.
You can practice yoga anywhere without any equipment at all. However, I do suggest a yoga mat to keep your feet stable in standing postures. I have lots of spares for you to borrow if you don’t have one already, along with foam blocks and even pillows to ease you through your practice.
Yoga is amazing – you will experience benefits even if you only practice for 1 hour per week. If you can manage more time on the mat, perhaps 20 minutes each day, then you’ll enjoy even more benefits.
It’s pretty laid back, the main thing is to arrive on time, at least 10 minutes prior to class. Secondly, feel free to take a break at any time during class by sitting or lying quietly on your mat.
Now! It will literally change your life.

Dozens of scientific trials of varying quality have been published on yoga. While there’s scope for more rigorous studies on its health benefits, most studies suggest yoga is a safe and effective way to increase physical activity, especially strength, flexibility and balance. There’s some evidence that regular yoga practice is beneficial for people with high blood pressure, heart disease, aches and pains – including lower back pain – depression and stress.

I understand completely, but you’ll be in good company. Lots of students come along on their own and make friends when they arrive. No need to be shy – there’s a warm welcome waiting for you!





All profits from our bespoke Reiki sessions go towards free yoga and wellbeing classes for vulnerable groups in the Forth Valley area.