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The Wellbeing Circle CIC (Community Interest Company) is a community wellbeing hub, based in Forth Valley offering access to a range of health and wellbeing services to both the general public and to vulnerable groups via our outreach programme.



The Wellbeing circle

“The Wellbeing Circle CIC is a new social enterprise with its primary aim to support the wellbeing of people from all walks of life regardless of their background.
Our priorities are to support every element of well being – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social and financial with an understanding that one of these elements cannot be out of balance without affecting the others. 
I believe that with some basic fundamentals in place, our ability to cope with life and all it throws at us can hugely improve.”
Siobhan Hencher, Founder


The Wellbeing Circle project aims to educate on the basic fundamentals of wellbeing in a variety of ways, from 1:1 complimentary therapy sessions, holistic exercise classes, care package subscriptions, personalised wellbeing support, workshops and training opportunities, all designed to help maintain and enhance physical and mental wellbeing, improving self-esteem and confidence, acting as a preventative measure for illness and disease.

1:1 Sessions

Our 1:1 sessions incorporate a unique blend of complementary therapies to promote relief from stress and anxiety, helping to bring balance on a physical, emotional, mental & spiritual level. Our therapists will be offering 1:1 sessions to the general public, to our corporate clients and as part of our outreach programme.

Wellbeing Care Packs

Our new offering of wellbeing care packs are for you, your partner, your friend, grandparent, parent or staff to give them a monthly ‘hug’ through the post and remind them of techniques that will help them bring balance back to their lives, build their wellbeing resilience, remind them you care and that they are loved.

Training School

We offer a series of wellbeing workshops and certificated courses suitable for complete beginners and healthcare providers, both online and face to face. Check out our training page to see what’s on offer or get in touch to discuss your needs. Our training is perfect for those wishing to work on themselves, friends and family or for those wanting to bring something new into their place of work.

Outreach Wellbeing

As part of our outreach programme, we offer yoga and complementary therapies to vulnerable groups in Forth Valley. Our hatha yoga & 1:1 sessions are specially designed to boost physical and mental health whist bringing a sense of peace, calm and balance. If you are a GP, Practice Nurse or healthcare provider, and would like to discuss a partnership then please get in touch.

Corporate Wellbeing

Getting the most from your staff can be challenging at the best of times because each staff member has individual needs and wants to be motivated and productive. We can help you be the inspiring leader you need to be to have a confident, resilient and productive team(s).

Personalised Wellbeing Support

We organise and implement holistic and wellbeing support for individuals in partnership with various charities and support groups. This is a great opportunity for individuals, groups or businesses to create wellbeing packages specifically created to their needs.

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Living with Covid-19

The Wellbeing Circle are delighted to bring you our first ever blog! The Wellbeing Circle has been set up to offer access to a range of health and wellbeing services to the general public, corporate and vulnerable groups. Check out the rest of the website for details about the courses, workshops, products and online support that we offer. Our first blog is going to talk about the very relevant and life changing effects that Covid-19 has had on our physical and mental health.

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All profits from our bespoke Reiki sessions go towards free yoga and wellbeing classes for vulnerable groups in the Forth Valley area.